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My #AMMConnect Bio | Savannah J. Goins | YA Fantasy

Hello, fellow Author Mentor Match aspiring mentees! I can't wait to meet you and hopefully celebrate with you soon!

I am an independently published author of the first two books in a YA dragon fantasy series (book three is in the works!), but I am focusing on a different manuscript for AMM.

I also teach entrepreneurial artists how to value failure, enjoy the journey, and know when they've arrived.

When I'm not writing or teaching, I'm working with a local exotic animal rescue finding forever homes for sick and homeless dragons.

My AMM Novel ~ Griffins and Turtle Magic (Working Title)

YA High Fantasy

When the job that Coriander, a wetlander princess on the run, hiked mountains to reach is given to someone else, she must decide between making a long trek to yet another new town, or taking a local but terrifying job as a griffin-keeper.


But when another beloved person in her life attempts suicide, enlisting the help of the most intimidating alfa griffin may be her only chance to save her friend before she loses him, too.

Griffins and Turtle Magic (working title) is my sixth full-length manuscript and my first story that involves mythical creatures other than dragons.

It's also the darkest novel I've written so far. The idea of putting griffins and some kind of "turtle magic" in a story together sat in my mind for a couple years as an interesting dynamic to a story, but without a heart of its own. When a very dear friend of mine lost her young daughter to suicide last year, the theme of this story came to me. Along with a desire to comfort those grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide, I had a longing to prevent others fro choosing that path that I had not felt on such a raw level before.

Along with the help of Save the Cat Writes a Novel, I outlined, drafted, and revised this manuscript more quickly than any others to date. Perhaps I'm just getting better at the process. or perhaps someone out there needs this story and I've received a little divine assistance to complete it more quickly. I guess we will find out!

Why I'm Entering Author Mentor Match R7

I am participating in author mentor match because while I've enjoyed the process of self-publishing and plan to continue to do so, I would also like the experience of traditional publishing for a few reasons.

Firstly, for the credibility and validation that comes with being traditionally published. Since technically anybody can self-publish something, it doesn't necessarily mean anything at face value to have self-published books and I would like the validation of being agented and traditionally published.


Secondly, so that I can coach people more helpfully about which publishing option is the best choice for them. I've done this a fair amount already with the understanding of the industry that I have, but not paid. I feel that I could more accurately advise people on this topic after having experienced traditional publishing myself. 


Thirdly, to satisfy my own curiosity about the experience and to be able to participate in conversations about the traditional publishing process with my traditional author friends.


Let's Connect!

If you're excited about AMM R7, DM me so we can chat and sqeal and be excited together! I would love to connect!

You can find me on Instagam and Twitter @savannahjgoins

I can't wait to meet you!

Want to Join the 

#AMMConnect Event?

If you're entering Author Mentor Match Round Seven, take a look at this article below to learn how to create your own intro post and send me your link so I can check yours out, too!