for the Odan Terridor Trilogy!!!

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The new covers were just supposed to be a fun bit of art printed directly on the hardcovers underneath the dust jacket.

But fans raved about the new cover style so much that it has now become the permanent style for the series in all formats.


A huge thank you to my incredible cover artist, Ingrid Nordli!

The original blue covers will still be the dust jackets on the hardcovers, so you can choose between the original or the new covers by simply removing the jacket or leaving it in place.

Seventeen-year-old Enzi Montgomery had worn the stone around her neck for years. It was set in a cheap metal fitting, nothing fancy.


But it made her wonder if she was crazy.


Sometimes, when she had it on, she could disappear. She couldn't make it happen. It just worked on its own. But always at convenient times, like when she'd needed to hide again from Caleb.


Maybe she'd only been imagining it; insomnia could do that to you. The nightmares had never left since that day seven years ago and she'd never really learned to cope with them.


But what if she wasn't crazy?


When she finds out that someone else has been searching for the stone--someone from another world--she must decide what to do with it. Should she get rid of it? Or find out what other secrets it holds?

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Gaedyen has vanished. The stone has been stolen. And nightmares continue to plague Enzi. But all that’s nothing compared to the coming battle.

Alone, abandoned, and out of options, Enzi must decide if she can trust the Crivabanians—a squirrel-like race who want her out of their realm. Struggling to keep her presence a secret, she develops an unlikely friendship with Veri, the sarcastically witty apprentice to the local healer.

When she overhears earth-shattering news about herself, she can wait no longer. She must seek the truth for herself, with or without Gaedyen.

But Enzi wages war in her own mind, fighting to break down the wall preventing her from mastering her power of invisibility. Legends of the great Cathawyr race and a diabolical weapon ripple to life in this riveting sequel to The Gwythienian.

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The third book in the Odan Terridor Trilogy, The Cathawyr, is in the works.


A release date will be announced soon! For now, here's a little aesthetic to tide you over until more information is available. 


When will The Cathawyr be available for preorder? When will Gwythienian merch make an appearance? What else do I have up my sleeve for the near future?

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A Spiraling of Thunder

Previously nicknamed Firedrakes and Aquasaurs, A Spiraling of Thunder is the first book in my time travel fantasy series. I'm working on this one in between the Odan Terridor books and I'm super excited about it!


We're talking time travel fantasy, dragons (of course!), and a badass lady with lots of paleontological tattoos.

There is SO much more to this story than the aesthetic can say. I'm really stoked about getting this story refined and out into the world! If you'd like further information or to request to be a beta reader, please subscribe to my newsletter to be informed as soon as that information becomes available!

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Griffins and River Magic

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Currently going by the working title, "Griffins and River Magic," my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel and sixth fully-drafted manuscript is in the works.

It was writing a certain scene in this book that made me cry more than ever before over something I've written giving me all the feels.

That's all you get to know for now :)

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