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The Gwythienian

Enzi Montgomery is done with everything. But everything's not done with her. Not even close.


You'd think that being a teen girl in Tennessee wouldn't be that hard, but between the bullies and her awful afterschool job, Enzi would rather be just about anywhere else.


When she discovers a devastating secret her mom has kept from her all these years, it's the last straw. As if that wasn't enough, she then gets kidnapped by a dragon because, why not?


Whisked away into another world full of magical creatures and nefarious plots, Enzi soon realizes high school wasn't actually that bad. But it's too late to turn back now. Faced with possible answers to her father's mysterious disappearance years ago, Enzi decides that knowledge is worth the risk to her life.


Can Enzi learn enough about herself in time to save her family and a world in danger?


If you like talking dragons, slow-burn romance, and female characters who end up a lot stronger than they started, you'll love this YA portal fantasy.

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Gaedyen has vanished. The stone has been stolen. And nightmares continue to plague Enzi. But all that’s nothing compared to the coming battle.

Alone, abandoned, and out of options, Enzi must decide if she can trust the Crivabanians—a squirrel-like race who want her out of their realm. Struggling to keep her presence a secret, she develops an unlikely friendship with Veri, the sarcastically witty apprentice to the local healer.

When she overhears earth-shattering news about herself, she can wait no longer. She must seek the truth for herself, with or without Gaedyen.

But Enzi wages war in her own mind, fighting to break down the wall preventing her from mastering her power of invisibility. Legends of the great Cathawyr race and a diabolical weapon ripple to life in this riveting sequel to The Gwythienian.

The Crivabanian
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"The Cathawyr is an action-packed, high-stakes, heartfelt ending to the Odan Terridor trilogy - a journey of strength, love, duty, redemption, and above all, healing. This is a thrilling conclusion you can't miss!"

Renee Dugan

Author of The Chaos Circus and The Starchaser Saga

With one enemy vanquished and a new villain on the rise, Enzi, Gaedyen, and Veri race against time to keep their end of their bargain with the Cathawyr realm. But when Veri becomes mysteriously ill and their deal proves impossible to keep, Enzi and Gaedyen must make a new plan to decipher the truth about the past and save their friend.

When one of the Possessors who died weeks ago turns out to still be alive and one of their trio is struck an ultimately fatal blow with the arkencain, their goals become even more challenging to reach.

As the three of them work to prevent a war between the realms, Enzi stumbles onto the chance to fight against her own personal nightmare back home-but she can only win if she joins forces with an old enemy.

Join Enzi and her friends on this epic journey of discovery, acceptance, and inner strength in the final installment of the Odan Terridor trilogy.

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"The Cathawyr is a page-turner! Full of fantastic worldbuilding, character growth, and high stakes, each page offers non-stop action. Pick up The Cathawyr and discover the fantastic conclusion to the Odan Terridor Trilogy!"

J.M. Hackman

Author of The Firebrand Chronicles

"An enchanting end to a memorable series, packed full of twists, thrills, and heart-tugging love in all its many forms!"

Julia J. Simpson

Author of Ashes Swept

The Cathawyr


for the Odan Terridor Trilogy!!!

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The new covers featuring the eyes of the creature in the book's title were just supposed to be a fun bit of art printed directly on the hardcovers underneath the dust jacket.

But fans raved about the new cover style so much that it has now become the permanent style for the series in all formats.


A huge thank you to my incredible cover artist, Ingrid Nordli!

The original blue covers will still be the dust jackets on the hardcovers, so you can choose between the original or the new covers by simply removing the jacket or leaving it in place.

Hardcover Cover.PNG

What other books do I have up my sleeve for the near future?

 I share big info in my newsletter, so if you'd like to stay in the know, please subscribe!


A Spiraling of Thunder

Previously nicknamed Firedrakes and Aquasaurs, A Spiraling of Thunder is the first book in my time travel fantasy series.


We're talking time travel fantasy, dragons (because of course!), the art of tree weaving (which is a real thing!), and a badass lady with lots of paleontological tattoos.

There is SO much more to this story than the aesthetic can say. I'm really stoked about getting this story refined and out into the world! If you'd like further information or to request to be a beta reader, please subscribe to my newsletter to be informed as soon as that information becomes available!

A Spiraling of Thunder
Works in Progress

Griffins and River Magic

Book Aesthetics (17).png

Currently going by the working title, "Griffins and River Magic," my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel and sixth fully-drafted manuscript is in the works.

It was writing a certain scene in this book that made me cry more than ever before over something I've written giving me all the feels.

That's all you get to know for now :)

Book Aesthetics (16).png

Have a question about my books or writing process? Feel free to shoot me an email, and in the mean time, check out my AuthorTube! Some of your questions are probably already answered there. I look forward to hearing from you!

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