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Best Care and Training Tips for Reptiles and Pocket Pets

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About Us

Our mission: To bring the high quality of enrichment and behavior training used in accredited zoos to every small exotic pet owner.

Reptiles and pocket pets are more intelligent than you can imagine. Not only can they be trained to do fun tricks to show off to your family and friends, but they can learn to enter their carriers for a cage cleaning or vet visit without restraint, and even to come when called.

Further, most pets---no matter how small---greatly enjoy the mental stimulation of training.

How much easier and more fun would your life with small exotics be if your pet was trained for both practical and just-for-fun behaviors?

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Is your pet sick?


While we are delighted to help with training and care of healthy animals, it is illegal for anyone other than a veterinarian to diagnose a pet or recommend any treatment or medication.

Our only recommendation is to take your pet to the vet. We care about you and your pet's well-being and trust that a vet can give you the best care possible.

To find an exotic animal vet in your area, google your city with "exotic animal veterinarian."

Good luck!