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Once there were many races, but now only five remain: Humans, Rubandors, Adarborians, Crivabanians, and the Gwythienians, the last race of dragons.

Though they are too proud to call themselves dragons.

Their world has been in chaos since several years ago when a magical artifact was stolen.

But one lone Gwythienian, Gaedyen, has just discovered who has it: a girl from the human realm. If others of his kind knew she had it, they would kill her instantly to take it back. He should do the same, as this could be his chance to restore his family's good name after his parents tarnished it.

But then he sees the connection she has with the artifact, something that should not be possible but can't be taken lightly.

Will he find another way to get the artifact back? Or will he have to resort to darker deeds?

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