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Learn to say more with less 

In an industry that charges by the word, the ability to communicate with as few as possible is an invaluable skill, whether you're traditionally or independently publishing.

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Full Manuscript Line Edit Package

A line edit is the type of editing that makes the writing sound nice to the reader. This is accomplished by removing repetition, eliminated useless words, and reordering sentences.


And it is vitally important. 

If an agent or a reader gives your book a chance, and is hooked by the blurb and intrigued by the first couple of paragraphs, do you want them to put the book down when they become annoyed by clunky writing? If the premise sounds interesting, but the writing isn't smooth, they will move on. 

Don't let that happen to your book!

A line edit will polish your story and make it shine. A diamond covered in dirt could be a regular old rock. It takes some cleaning, cutting, and smoothing to reveal the beautiful gem to the world. 

If you're the kind of writer who needs:

  • To clean up your writing before querying

  • To further improve your writing after a developmental edit

Then this package is ideal for you!

Please contact me at your earliest convenience with your questions and to book your ideal time slot. The schedule is very full at this time but there a few openings available!

Full Manuscript Line Edit:



Includes editorial letter

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Budget Mini Line Edit Package

With this service, I read a short section of your work and, using Track Changes, point out all the opportunities for word count reduction while offering alternative phrasing. In addition, you will receive a personalized editorial letter further explaining why each change is recommended and a checklist to help you identify and remedy the same problems throughout the rest of your manuscript. 

This is not just an edit. This is a class in tightening your writing, using your own work as the material. With my help, you not only become a stronger writer, but you may also save hundreds of dollars in editing on this manuscript alone, not to mention all the future manuscripts positively affected by your new skills in saying more with fewer words. 


The smoother writing and word count reduction will make your manuscript more appealing to an agent if you are pursuing traditional publishing, and cost less in printing and shipping if you are pursuing independent publishing. And no matter which route you take, the lessons you learn will make your story more enjoyable for your readers.

If you are the kind of writer who needs:

  • To reduce your word count before the developmental edit

  • To clean up your writing before querying (on a budget)

  • To have a full-manuscript line edit, but it isn't in the budget at this time

Then this package is ideal for you!

Become a Stronger Writer

  • Receive specific explanations for each change in Track Changes

  • Receive an editorial letter with further analysis and instruction

  • Receive a checklist for improving the rest of the manuscript on your own

  • Learn the art of saying more with less

Save Time

  • If you need to save up for developmental editing, reducing your word count reduces your overall costs, which reduces the amount of time it takes you to save

Save Money

  • Improve the rest of your manuscript on your own for free

  • Reduce your word count with these new skills before paying for a full developmental edit

  • Use these new skills over and over again in future manuscripts 

  • Reduce printing and shipping costs




Up to 5,000 words: $99.00

Includes editorial letter

& personalized checklist

25% off one-hour consult call: $56.25

You'll receive an email from me within 24 hours of payment to arrange scheduling. I look forward to working with you!