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Fractional Director of Operations

SOP Optimization | Client Success | Data Analysis & Strategy

Why did you start your business in the first place?


Get back to doing that stuff, reap the time- and cost-saving benefits of streamlined operations, and leave that migraine-inducing client to me.

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$1000+ in Daily Affiliate Revenue

Over the course of two years, I helped Apple Pie Media grow from a small online media company to an immensely profitable business.

Standardized the writing process by writing the Writer Guidelines and Style Guide

  • Clarified writing standards

  • Defined writer responsibilities

  • Reduced costs and frustrations associated with Writer-Editor back-and-forth

  • Reduced conflicts between team members by clearly defining roles

Standardized the publishing process by writing the Publisher Guidelines

  • Condensed dozens of optimization steps into digestible sections

  • Defined Editor/Publisher responsibilities

  • Provided detailed, step-by-step instructions for every process 

  • Significantly reduced Editorial Team inquiries to CEOs

Optimized Writer and Editor Teams

  • Worked with Writer and Editorial Teams to improve operations and enforce standards

  • Received and edited content from writers

  • Optimized and published 70+ blog posts per month across the company's various websites

  • Bridged the gap between Team Members and Owners to ensure seamless operations

  • Reduced onboarding time and costs by creating extensive training materials for Writer and Editorial Teams

"I had the privilege of working with Savannah G for nearly two years, a period during which she significantly contributed to our team's success through her expertise in writing, editing, and publishing.


Additionally, Savannah played an instrumental role in developing comprehensive writing and publishing guidelines, a foundational project that greatly enhanced our team's ability to produce quality work consistently.


Savannah is a collaborative team player. While she was focused and independent in her responsibilities, she was always ready to provide support or feedback to her colleagues. Her insights often brought clarity and helped solve complex issues, reflecting her depth of knowledge and her commitment to the team's collective success."

Matt Cunningham, the Co-Founder of Apple Pie Media

Affilimate featured Applie Pie Media as a major success story, crediting their achievements in large part to their team.

Ready for happier clients, smoother operations, and a more effective team?

Email me at and let's talk about how to make that happen.

Increased Client Satisfaction + Eliminated Scope Creep

No more scope creep. No more over-communication. No more impossible clients.

We've all had one—or a few—of those challenging clients who insist on endless iterations of deliverables, try to get more than they're paying for, or generally abuse the system and make you want to scream.


Effective boundaries and clear communication are the solution.

But it's hard to transition to operating that way when you're used to taking abuse from clients because you're a new business and you need their account.

Over the course of the past year, I've helped Em Dash Content Studio grow through enforcing client boundaries.

One client shaped up and is now great to work with. A few ultimately left, but they were mostly small accounts (crazy how the lowest-paying clients like to take up the most of your time!) and their loss saved us the time we needed to pitch bigger and better clients. 

Now we have more than made up for the loss of those small, highly-demanding accounts with better clients who are a joy to work with, don't blink an eye at paying fairly for the results we get them, and don't waste time running around in circles.

Managed client success and satisfaction 

  • Worked with Writer and Editorial Teams to improve operations and enforce standards

  • Managed client communications such as sending deliverables on time and handling revisions

  • Participated in client meetings for onboarding, monthly SEO updates, and answering strategy questions

Eliminated scope creep by clearly defining project scope, expectations, and deadlines

  • Recommended several updates to contracts such as deadlines for clients to approve deliverables

  • Collaborated with the team on a case-by-case basis to decide at what point we would enforce boundaries even at the risk of losing a client

  • Enforced boundaries as needed (limited rounds of revision, limited access to the Founder, etc.)

Optimized internal team systems to facilitate smoother operations and growth

  • Oversaw project management software to keep all team members on track with tasks

  • Resolved internal conflicts between team members

  • Enabled the Founder to spend more time pitching clients, which is her superpower and key to the company's growth​

I continue to work with Em Dash Content Studio as their Fractional Director of Operations to further streamline operations and manage client satisfaction as the company grows and its operational needs change over time.

Ready for happier clients, smoother operations, and a more effective team?

Email me at and let's talk about how to make that happen.

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