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Most Recent ~ March 14th

In this interview with Mike DeCamp and Angela DeCamp, we discuss the importance of enjoying the creative journey and how I've improved my writing process over time

On Success & Perspective

In this interview with Lillian Harshaw, I share my definition of success and how imperative having the right perspective is to fulfillment and happiness in life

On Writing and Publishing

In these videos I discuss everything from how I formed a writer's mastermind group and the success it has brought me, to my publishing strategies and tips for writing realistic fantasy creatures

The Gwythienian

in the news

The Gwythienian is featured in this iWriterly video on how self-published authors get their books into libraries

YA Book Clubs

In this interview with the 5.4k-member YA book club Words and Wimsey, I chat with Kahla Leighton and Andrea Krieter about dragons in YA, pets named after book characters, stories behind the story, and the Crivabanian tea invented for my trilogy

Self Publishing vs Traditional vs Hybrid