DEFINE and Conquer Your Fears!

Using Tim Ferris's Fear Setting Method

Is there anything you want to do that you’ve been putting off? Something that you would be so proud and/or relieved to accomplish, but that you don’t feel ready for?

You need to try out Tim Ferris’s Fear Setting Method. It’s kind of like goal setting inverted plus a pros and cons list. I just used it to accomplish something I’ve been afraid of for over a year and I couldn’t be more elated!

Here’s how you can use it, too.

Keep in mind that “Conquering fear equals defining fear.” -Tim Ferris

The point of the exercise is to get all the accurate facts. To remove all undefined fears, outline ways to fix what could go wrong if it does, and keep in mind all of the potential positive effects of finally doing the thing.

Here are the most important questions.

  1. What is the actual worst thing that could happen?

  2. How could you either prevent or prepare for and fix those things if they did happen?

  3. What are some potential positive results of finally doing this thing?

Here's a quick walk through of how I used the Fear Setting Method to revamp my newsletter game.

For over a year now, I’ve known I needed to change how I do my newsletter. I needed a way to have a list for people who wanted updates about my books for the stories, and a list of people who wanted writing and publishing advice, and a list of people who want entrepreneurial and creativity motivation. I didn’t want to bore the one group with info for the other, but I didn’t think I had a way to segment my list in Mailchimp’s free version.

I wanted a way for people to choose from a couple of check box options which category of information they’d want, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I also don’t love Wix’s welcome email options, but I couldn't figure out how to make an embedded Mailchimp signup form pretty, so I was stuck using Wix’s all over my website.

I ignored the problem for a while, pursuing other projects, and then when I paid a business coach for growth advice, the biggest thing on her list of things I should improve was my mailing list situation.

But google searches weren’t helpful and I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me.

About a year and a half went by, with me not even trying to get subscribers because I hadn’t figured out a way to organize them and be sure to only send them the right info. But I knew it was something I needed to tackle, and I finally decided to try this exercise.

Would you rather watch the video?

1. What is the worst thing that could happen if I start sending out newsletters again without the ability to segment?

  • Wrong info to the wrong pe