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Save yourself the hassle of researching on your own and take advantage of my years of experience with a one-on-one coaching call


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Find out which publishing option is best for you and your goals!

Traditional, Small Press, or Indie?


Should you seek traditional publishing or indie publishing? What are the main differences and which would be best for you?


You can save a lot of time and guess work with a single coaching call.


Things you will learn:

The process of pursuing traditional publishing

The process of pursuing small press publishing

The general process of publishing independently

Common myths about each one

How much each of these can cost in the short term and the long term

The pros and cons of each



These are all great options, but depending on what you want out of the experience, I guarantee one of them is better for you than the other two! I can help you discover the most ideal option for your specific goals.

Get out of analysis paralysis and back to pursuing your dream!

After chatting with me and getting your questions answered, you will have the knowledge and action steps to move forward with your writing and publishing processes.

Take advantage of my years of experience and get your questions answered without the hassle!

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