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Why are We Drawn to Fantasy?

October 8, 2017

Holly Davis works as an outpatient physical therapist in Chicago. She is engaged to a great guy (wedding date TBD) and is a fur mom to a pitty and two kitties. She began her writing adventures as a young child and has grown from writing fanfiction for Kingdom Hearts to writing stories of characters and worlds all her own. Her first novel, Ranokori Realm, is a stand-alone YA fantasy that she is currently querying to literary agents. When her brain isn’t coming up with multiple series ideas, she loves to read, watch anime, and pretend to stay healthy and fit (though we all know she eats peanut butter and chocolate every day). 

Why Are We Drawn to Fantasy?
By Holly Davis
Most book lovers can say that they’ve been reading since a very young age. We had more time and ease to crack open a book and dive into a new world. We could read about and believe in fantastical worlds and characters because we played make-believe and had imaginary friends. Even though we’re older now, that child-like imagination hasn’t disappeared. We still long to escape from reality and lose ourselves inside a book. We enjoy spending time with fictional characters in fresh and new fantasy worlds.
One of the earliest ways in which man told stories was through fables. And they knew with those stories, they weren’t true. But, there was a moral to each fable which made these stories real for people, so they listened and learned. It’s still true to this day. Fantasy is the perfect outlet to place characters in situations that change us, that make us better people by learning from their trials and triumphs.
So why do you read fantasy novels? Here are some reasons:
- Escape to a world where anything is possible
- When you relate to a character, you step into their shoes and experience things you cannot do yourself
Magical elements
- The different takes authors make on mystical mechanics
- Magic doesn’t have to be explained
- Fills the desire for exploration and surprise
Prevents boredom
- Fantasy is as broad as the imagination
- Fantasy begins where science ends
- Expands our ability to think and wonder
- Explores greater themes