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What Fantasy World would You Visit?

December 8, 2017


          Who loves a good fantasy world? *raises hand* I sure do! And I would bet money each of you has either checked the mail for your Hogwarts letter or had a look in all the closets for a door into Narnia at least once. We’ve all wished we could be more successful in our searches for those things!


          But what if you could go to one fantasy world? Where would you go? If you’re like me and there are like a gazillion worlds you’d want to visit, maybe this is a hard decision. So I’ll narrow it down a bit. What if it was in the middle of the story’s timeline? Whatever is happening in the middle of the book or the middle of the series is what you would fall into if you found a way in.


          Let’s have a look at what’s going on in the world in the middle of some of our favorite fantasy stories. WARNING: Spoilers for Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Eragon! But You’ve probably read them all already, so we should be all good ;)




          Alright, admit it. The truth is, we’re all still waiting for that Hogwarts letter. There is no age where you have to give up on it! It might still come! At least that’s what I say to quiet my inner child…anyone else?


          The middle of this series would be the fourth book, The Goblet of Fire. Wizards and witches from other magical schools are about to visit and the Triwizard Tournament is about to take place for the first time in many years! Would you want to enter? Which of the four champions would you be rooting for? What would be your favorite class? Your least favorite? What would your wand have in the middle? Phoenix tail feather, unicorn hair or dragon heartstring?


           You might have to be a bit worried about Voldermort, though! And we all know how The Goblet of Fire ends! Would you be so terrified that you’d want to come back to your normal life? Or would you want to stick it out and help defeat him, even if it meant risking your life?




          The middle of the Chronicles of Narnia is also a fourth book! Prince Caspian. While the third and fifth books are my favorite, I do love the whole series. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on your way to somewhere you don’t really want to go and—surprise!—end up in Narnia? Now if you had been there before, it would be a bummer to get there and see how much time had passed since your last visit. Also, finding out that your beloved country was invaded would be disappointing as well. But would you go if you could?


           You’d get to meet some of the grouchiest dwarves of all time, and a really cool badger (talking animal!) named Trufflehunter. They live in a tree trunk. It is a cramped space and they are hiding there because of the invading king’s agenda to kill all Narnians, but come on. It’s a pretty big tree trunk. Can I visit, please?


          There are some animals that don’t talk any longer though. Many of them have been treated like dumb beasts for so long that they have reverted to their old selves as they were before Aslan sang intellect into their ancestors at the beginning of the world. These are the ones you want to look out for. They will kill you for no reason and there won’t be any chance for deals to get you out of it.


           There is a war coming between King Miraz and the Narnians. Even now Aslan’s people are coming out of hiding to band together and prepare to take their home back. Would you want to be in the thick of that? Helping plan the strikes? Riding a griffin into battle? 




          Talking dragons, guys! Talking dragons! Nothing beats this! But as seriously cool as this story is, who wants to go to a place crawling with Urgals and Kull and dark magicians in the gazillionth year of the reign of an evil witch-king? Anyone? No?


          The middle of this series would be around the end of Eldest, the second book, and the beginning of Brisingr. Eragon is no longer having seizures, thanks to the Elves’ magic. But he is on his way to fight a battle between the Empire and the Varden. With cruddy odds to say the least.


          Hrothgar, the king of the dwarves, is killed by—oh yeah—a dragon rider on the enemy’s side! And dwarves take forever to choose a new king. And Eragon is expected to be present while they decide, since he is an adopted brother of the dwarves. And you know, he doesn’t have anything else going on at the time anyway so it’s fine.


          And Roran and his village-turned-crew are about to cross the most dangerous whirlpool in existance. Oh, and they have three Empire ships gaining on them. And if they make it through the whirlpool, they will be greeted by a battle in which the new enemy dragon rider has just killed the dwarf king. Sounds like fun, right?


          So would you want to fly into this story in the middle of all that? Do you wish you were Eragon or Roran? If you couldn’t be a main character, would you want to be on the ship with Roran and Carvahall or on the battlefield with Eragon and Saphira and a suspiciously friendly group of Kull?


           Plus there is the good old King Galbatorix, who somehow has managed to live an abnormally long life and ruin everything for everyone. And he has the biggest dragon in existence. Would you be willing to risk facing him and his dragon for the chance to fly on your own? What do you think about the dragon-rider bond and how they can speak with their minds to each other? It could be really convenient sometimes, but there would be no privacy! 


Middle Earth


          My first thought is that there is no part of this series I would really like to visit. Except maybe the Shire. In a time of peace not associated with this story. It is a fantastic story and I totally love reading it! But to go there in the middle of the story?


          In the middle of the second book, The Two Towers, Gimli and Legolas are looking for Merry and Pippin, who have been taken by Orcs for being Hobbits and thus possible ring bearers. Once they have been reunited with Gandalf, a palantir (seeing stone) comes into the mix and when Pippin looks into it, boom! Sauron knows where they are now! Yay!


          Frodo and Sam are stuck with Gollum crawling through stinky, sketchy places on their way to Mordor. A really fun place. Oh yeah, and while they are doing that, they are pursued by Nazgul (dark riders of dragons) and they will soon be running through a cave maze from a giant spider. Who wants to join in on all that?


          So, while fantasy is awesome and very entertaining to read and delightful to write, it would be pretty dangerous to really visit. But would you want to anyway? Would you visit one of these worlds in their most perilous of times? Which one would you go to once everything dangerous settled down? Is there another fantasy world not mentioned here that you really wish you could go to? 


          Tell me what you think in the comments!

          I’ll be writing several blog posts on various fantasy creatures in the near future! What fantasy creature would you like to learn more about?


          Are you a reader or writer of fantasy? Or new to fantasy and wanting to know more about it? Get my free Elements of Fantasy guide! Just subscribe to my blog for future posts about fantasy-related topics and it’s all yours!





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