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Top Three Reasons to get Involved in a Writer Group


“I am not a real writer.” “ I have nothing worth saying.” “What if no one reads anything I write?”


Have you ever had words like that fly through your head? If you are a writer, I will bet you have.


Me. Too. So many times. Sometimes only once a week. Sometimes as often as six times before breakfast.


Who do you call when you have these thoughts of doubt and insecurity? 


Shooting off a text, “That’s it. I am not a real writer,” I sit and wait for the ping reply. 

One of my good friends quickly responds, “Hey you are not allowed to say that.” And we are off. The conversation calms me down. But it always does more than that.


I am the most highly extroverted person I know, and there is a weekly group I meet with where our entire focus is writing together. We work on