Living the Writing Life

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What does it mean to "live the writing life?"

There are a lot of cool things about being a writer, but it's also not easy or as glamorous as you might think. If you are passionate about becoming a writer, you have to be willing to put in the work. It's fulfilling and fun sometimes, but other times it's hard and you may not feel like dealing with it. 

For those times when it's harder, check out my encouragement videos! If you need someone to believe in you, well, I do! And I've got several videos saying so! I know it can be rough--I've been there! And I'd so love to make your writing journey a little more doable!

You can also find tips for the writing process itself on my channel, as well as info from my experience publishing independently.

Just for funzies, I've got some videos on animals in fiction. If you have any animal characters in your stories, whether invented sentient beasts or a regular non-talking cat, there's lots of interesting info in these videos! Check out my About page for more info on my background in animal care.

Encouragement for the Writing Slumps Playlist

For those times you feel like throwing your manuscript away because no one will ever read it anyway, or like giving up on the query trenches because it's just too hard to get noticed, or like dying in a hole would be a better idea than trying to share your creativity with the world, I've got hugs and real, motivating facts to get you going again! 


Author Life and Writing Playlist

I've been doing the writing life for a few years now, and I've learned a ton of stuff about how to do it and how not to do it along the way!

Check out this playlist for how to reach your writing goals, how to write when you don't feel like it, how to work on multiple projects at once, and more!


Indie Publishing Tips Playlist

Unlike some, I didn't start independently publishing because I got rejected too many times by the traditional publishing industry.


When I was first writing The Gwythienian, and exploring publishing options, I discovered indie publishing and was so excited by the challenge that I chose that path to see if I could do it.


And I did!


And I didn't do it all right at first, but I learned a lot and am very proud of The Gwythienian now. I've even had one traditional publishing house offer to buy it and the rest of the series!


It's no secret that I'm a total animal nerd. I wish the real ones could talk like the ones in books, but I'm making do working with non-talking animals...for now. 

But I absolutely love a good sentient animal character, and I love when even the non-talking animals in fiction are presented well and accurately. 

In these videos, I answer questions by people curious about using animals in fiction. But please note that I am not legally authorized to give veterinary advice! If your pet is ill, please take them to the vet (Dr. Google doesn't count!)

Animals in Fiction Playlist