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Save yourself the hassle of researching on your own and take advantage of my years of experience with a one-on-one coaching call


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Get unstuck and back to making progress with your book!

Unsure how to start writing your book? Or stuck and unable to get started again?

I've written six books over the last five years and had two of them published already. I can chat with you about what's slowing you down and develop customized action steps to get you writing again! 


You can save a lot of time and frustration with a single coaching call.


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Things you will learn:


Whether you really need to write every day

How to fit writing into your busy schedule

The pros and cons of taking breaks


Common myths about the publishing world

Why you shouldn't give up even when it feels impossible


Get out of analysis paralysis and back to pursuing your dream!

After chatting with me and getting your questions answered, you will have the knowledge and action steps to move forward with your writing and publishing processes.

Take advantage of my years of experience and get your questions answered without the hassle!

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