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If Hunger Games had animal familiars...

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Most gorgeous cover of all time coming soon 

It’s Mella’s sixteenth year and finally her turn to discover what animal familiar will manifest from her chosen weapon to become her lifelong companion and comrade. Yet she fails to call her castling from her instrument of war, and instead brings her forth from a contraband instrument of music.


Armed with an extraordinary castling and a dangerous secret, Mella sneaks into the lowliest cohort of new castors to train for Wager Day. She’s determined to get her castling in shape in time to beat the other cohorts and prove her family wrong by earning the highest number of wagers on her cohort’s impending victory.


But when Mella gets caught and her illegal castling is sentenced to death by shattering, determination alone isn’t enough anymore. With the help of a long-forgotten prisoner, a mean girl, and some spiked punch, Mella takes a the wrong bad guy. 


For fans of ensemble casts, found family, and a whole lot of slow burn.

The Castors of Wrynford Saga

Five full-length novels rapid-released from July 2024 to July 2025

Book 1 3D.png
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Keep an eye on the status of each novel over the next few months!

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Five books in 13 months? Who do I think I am to pull that off? 

Rest assured, the hardest part (writing and revising) is already done for most of the books as of late 2023. I've worked very far ahead to ensure that I can stick to these deadlines and have error-free, completely finished stories with gorgeous formatting to share with you.

If you enjoy binge-reading a long series, join my newsletter to get an alert when the first book becomes available!

In the mean time, check out my published novels!

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No spice dragon shifter slow-burn 

on a road trip through the sky.

The Gwythienian, The Crivabanian, and The Cathawyr are a complete trilogy about a teen girl who ends up a lot stronger than she starts out. 

And...she may or may not fall for a dragon despite her traumatic past.

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