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I use my background in dragon wrangling

to empower storytellers to write no matter

their own back stories

Adulting for Artists Keynote

How to pursue a career in the arts while feeding yourself

Most artistic young adults don't know how to actually pursue a profitable career in the arts that they will still love by the time they get it. I provide little-known strategies and insights to guide teens and college students in their search for their ideal creative career and lifestyle so that they can stop freaking out, avoid resigning themselves to a life they don't actually want, and pursue a fulfilling artistic career that will also pay the bills.

Elevator Pitch/Logline Workshop

Build your confidence, impress your friends, & get noticed by agents

I share the logline formula I used to get requests for more from the first agents I ever pitched. Writers leave this workshop with a polished logline that will impress agents and prevent the awkward stuttering when asked what their book is about.

Publishing Options Workshop

The dirty secrets of three types of publishing

Most new writers don't know which kind of publishing to pursue. I can debunk the myths surrounding each publishing option, unpack the pros and cons, and provide action steps to get writers on track to the publishing strategy they choose. With this valuable information and clear direction, writers will finally be free and equipped to pursue their dream of publication.

The Gwythienian was published in November of 2017, and it's sequel, The Crivabanian, just hit the shelves on November 12th two years later.

I've written four other books that are not yet published and can save my fellow writers and artists a lot of time and frustration by sharing the things I've learned along the way.